Ukrainian lake
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Banc argentin
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Ukraine 2
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Combine 1


Charlotte Cuny is a French painter. She paints her memories from her own pictures which she uses to express her emotions, perceptions, sensations between deconstruction and abstract figuration. Recently, she started to focus on dreams in her paintings as they are ‘the most ancient memories’. She also experimented expanded paintings with other mediums such as etching, prints or sculptures and creating combines.

Charlotte studied both a Master of Fine Arts in Central Saint Martins - obtained with merit and of painting in Arts², Mons in Belgium - obtained with High Honours.

She had a first Solo Show ‘Seules les traces font rêver’ in 2020 in Maître Albert Gallery in Paris. She participated to collective exhibitions including in Saatchi Gallery, Tate Modern/Tate exchange, Bozar – Brussels Fine Arts Museum, Mons Fine Arts Museum, Apiary Studios and Candid Arts Trust in London or Lethaby Gallery in Central Saint Martins.

In 2022 she is doing a residency in Tangent Projects in Barcelona and made several in the past such as in Pienkow in Poland (2019), Bliiida, Metz (2020) and Harwich – UK (2020) thanks to the London artist group Slash.Arts she belongs to.


Mister Motley - NL - Nov 29th 2021

Art Students 2021 - Artists & Illustrators - UK (p28)

Residence in Bliiida - Metz, FR - 2020

Artland magazine - UK - 2021: Ukraine 2

Ghosts on the beach
Ghosts in King's Cross
Urban ghost
Urban ghosts
Ghost in KX
Night in the Sun, 97-130cm, huile, 2018.

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